(Lawrenceville, Ga., July 30, 2020) – Firefighters responded at 3:49pm to a neighbor’s report of a fire at the Quinn House Thrift Store located at 219 Scenic Highway SW in Lawrenceville. The caller to 9-1-1 reported seeing smoke coming from the front and back of the store.

The information initially provided to the dispatcher described the location of the fire being to the left of the first due fire station. With the description of the business being a thrift store, the crew knew that more information needed to be provided before driving off into the wrong direction. Thanks to pre-planning their territory, the firefighters knew that two thrift stores were located to the right of their station. With the wind providing the confirmation needed, black smoke started pushing through the trees. Crews quickly drove to the right of their station and within two minutes arrived on scene. Smoke was pushing out of all sides of the two-story commercial building, with the heaviest amount at the rear and right side. With the business being closed, access inside of the store needed to be forced. Fire crews cut an opening in the roll up door at the right side of the warehouse and began advancing a 2 ½-inch diameter hose. Visibility was poor and store contents added to the challenge of locating the fire. Firefighters began spraying water in the direction of the heat until a pathway could be identified.

Crews outside of the building worked hard to locate and connect to a hydrant, provide a an emergency exit point for personnel working inside, and turning off all utilities to the building to increase safety. Another point of entry was created at the left-rear corner of the building with coordinated ventilation to assist in attacking the fire. While the blaze was being brought under control, a search team rescued a dog that was still in its cage. An assessment revealed that it had not been harmed in any way.

Fire Investigators arrived and have officially ruled the fire as undetermined, but cannot rule out multiple electrical appliances in the area of origin. After salvage and overhaul was done, all personnel successfully completed restoring their vital signs to normal limits. Equipment was retrieved and units returned to service without any reported injuries.


EQUIPMENT AT THE SCENE INCLUDED: 6-Fire Engines, 3-Ladder Trucks, 1-Squad, 1-Medic Unit, 1-Air & Light Truck, 1-Medical Supervisor, 2-Battalion Chiefs, 1-District Chief, 2-Fire Investigators and 1-Public Information Officer.

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