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(Norcross, Ga., July 13, 2021) – Firefighters responded at 2:13 a.m. to a report of a business fire located at 5965 Buford Highway NW in Norcross. The caller to 9-1-1- advised they could see the fire from across the street. 

The first arriving crew confirmed a working fire at a single-story strip mall with flames pushing out of the front of one unit. Fire personnel deployed a 2 ½-inch line and attacked the blaze from the front parking lot. As fireground operations were being established with large diameter hose lines being connected to fire hydrants, an aerial ladder extended its outriggers and put the bucket in the air. Water turrets from the bucket were opened and copious amounts of water was applied to the roof. Search crews were established and performed primary searches in the units to the left and right of the fire unit. No extension of the fire was found in either of the adjacent units and they were clear of any victims. Once a good amount of the blaze was knocked down, firefighters were able to take multiple handlines inside of the business and complete extinguishment. A thorough secondary search was performed to confirm that no one was inside any of the businesses. The Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) had secured the utilities and positioned themselves to aid any personnel that may have potentially been in distress.

 Damage from the blaze gutted the inside of the fire unit. Meters were used to check for toxic gases impacting the air quality inside the businesses. A positive pressure ventilation (PPV) fan was used to restore the air quality to safe levels. An Investigator responded for fire cause and determination. An update will be provided when that information becomes available. Crews cycled through rehab to ensure their vital signs had returned to normal limits before they returned to service. There were no reported injuries.

EQUIPMENT AT THE SCENE INCLUDED: 2-Ladder Trucks, 5-Fire Engines, 1-Squad, 1-Air & Light Truck, 1-Medic Unit, 1-Medical Supervisor, 2-Battalion Chiefs, 1-District Chief, 1-Fire Investigator, and 1-PIO.


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