(Lawrenceville, Ga., April 21, 2021) – The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday to approve updated statements intended to guide their actions going forward. The commissioners developed the vision, mission and core values statements during their annual planning session held in Athens, Ga., last month.

The vision statement says, “Gwinnett is the preferred community where everyone thrives!” The mission statement reads, “Gwinnett proudly supports our vibrantly connected community by delivering superior services.”  

The core values statement includes: “Integrity: We believe in being honest, building trust and having strong moral principles. Accountability: We believe in stewardship, transparency and sustainability. Equity: We believe in fairness and respect for all. Inclusivity: We believe in engaging, embracing and unifying our communities. Innovation: We believe in continual adaptation of technology, process and experience.”

Chairwoman Nicole Hendrickson said that with three new Board members now is the time for them to declare their common purpose, goals and values to use moving into 2021 and beyond.

“We spent considerable time discussing these ideas based on the local economy, population and demographics, election results, technology trends, and many other factors,” said Hendrickson. “Then we distilled our thoughts into three specific statements as part of our desire for transparency and accountability to the residents of Gwinnett County. I really believe the mission and vision statement reflect who we are today.”

District 1 Commissioner Kirkland Carden said, “We have laid the groundwork for Gwinnett County for many years to come. We laid a template for what we want Gwinnett County to be. When we strive to reach that mission and vision statement, we can be a model county that shows good governance.”

District 2 Commissioner Ben Ku said, “I’m really proud of what we came up with together. We worked together to hear every single one of the commissioners’ ideas and desires for the county to create these values. I think they provide good, clear direction to staff, possibly for decades to come.”

District 3 Commissioner Jasper Watkins said, “It is good and appropriate for the vision and mission statement to be reviewed and updated from time to time. The county changes and the Board of Commissioners’ direction changes. These statements are living documents that should evolve and grow to reflect the public’s and the new board’s goals and objectives. I think the new vision and mission statements accomplish that.”

District 4 Commissioner Marlene Fosque said, “We would like every resident to thrive. It may sound aspirational, but we believe every Gwinnett resident can do just that – thrive. I’m so excited about our new vision, mission and values that will help guide the County now and in our future.”

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