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Development Advisory Committee

The Development Advisory Committee was established February 2, 1988 by Resolution (Section 1-5029 Development Advisory Committee of the Code of Gwinnett County). The Committee consists of 20 members appointed by the Board of Commissioners. No employee of Gwinnett County Government may be a member of the Development Advisory Committee.

  • Members serve two-year staggered terms 
  • Appointments shall be effective January 1 of the first year of term, with members serving until replaced
  • The members of the Development Advisory Committee shall elect a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and other officers as the Committee may desire, for terms determined by the Committee, from their membership
  • Members serve without compensation or reimbursement of any kind.  Normal costs of operations, such as meeting space, minutes, etc., are the responsibility of the Department of Planning and Development.

 The Board of Commissioners shall seek and consider nominations from the following organizations at a minimum (if in existence):

  • Gwinnett County Developer's Association
  • Council for Quality Growth
  • Apartment Owners and Managers Association
  • Gwinnett Chapter, Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Atlanta;
  • Planning Commission
  • Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Gwinnett Utilities Coordinating Committee
  • Gwinnett Planning Committee


The Development Advisory Committee meets Quarterly, on the third Wednesday of that month at 12pm at the Gwinnett Justice & Administration Center. The Development Advisory Committee may also meet:

  • At the call of its Chairman
  • At such times as the Committee may deem appropriate
  • Upon the call of the Board of Commissioners or the Director of the Planning and Development Department

View Notices, Agendas, and Minutes.


The Committee shall consist of at least one member representing or having the following qualifications:

  • One citizen representative per Commissioner (5 total)
  • Planning Commission member
  • Zoning Board of Appeals member
  • Residential Developer
  • Office Developer, Industrial Developer and Commercial Developer
  • Multi-family developer
  • Home Builder
  • Registered Professional Engineer
  • Registered Land Surveyor
  • Registered Landscape Architect
  • Utilities Coordinating Committee Member
  • Municipal Member of the Gwinnett Planning Committee

Responsibilities / Powers

  • To advise the Board of Commissioners and Department of Planning & Development on issues and matters of concern with regard to land development activities and regulations
  • To assist the Department of Planning & Development in the interpretation and implementation of land development regulations
  • To review proposed new land development regulations and amendments and advise the Department of Planning and Development and Board of Commissioners on their impact and effectiveness
  • To carry out studies or investigations regarding the land development regulator process or requirements as the Board of Commissioners may request from time to time

The Development Advisory Committee is an advisory body created in the public interest to provide counsel and deliberative assistance to the County on matters relating to the development of lands by private enterprise and to provide assistance and counsel in the consideration of land development regulatory matters and the implementation of new regulations and processes.

Active Members

Appointed By Position Name Representing Term Expires
Chairman's Appointment Greg Cantrell 12/31/2018
District 1 Appointment John McHenry 12/31/2017
District 2 Appointment Eric Johansen 12/31/2018
District 3 Appointment Michael Johnson 12/31/2017
District 4 Appointment Bruce L. Garraway 12/31/2018
BoC Appointment Jim Nash Zoning Board of Appeals Representative 12/31/2017
BoC Appointment Walter Rekuc Commercial Developer Representative 12/31/2017
BoC Appointment Vice Chairperson Jay Puckhaber Industrial Developer Representative 12/31/2017
BoC Appointment Iva Hoyle Landscape Architect Representative 12/31/2017
BoC Appointment Scott Zanardo Registered Architect Representative 12/31/2016
BoC Appointment Mark Richardson Home Builder Representative 12/31/2016
BoC Appointment James Touchton Council for Quality Growth Representative 12/31/2016
BoC Appointment Corbitt Woods Single Family Developer Representative 12/31/2017
BoC Appointment Jennifer DeWeese Office Developer Representative 12/31/2016
BoC Appointment Clint Dixon Planning Commission Representative 12/31/2016
BoC Appointment Chairman Taylor Anderson P.E. Registered Engineer Representative 12/31/2016
BoC Appointment Terri Rosamond Utilities Coordinating Representative 12/31/2016
BoC Appointment Vacant Position General Contractor Representative 12/31/2015
BoC Appointment Vacant Position Land Surveyor Representative 12/31/2015
Director of Planning & Development or Designee Doug Stacks Gwinnett Planning Committee Representative 12/31/2017