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Gwinnett officials unveil the new Sensory Treehouse

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Gwinnett officials on Thursday unveiled the new Sensory Treehouse, designed to enhance access to enrichment opportunities for residents and visitors with disabilities. The treehouse is located on the grounds of the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center in unincorporated Buford.

The 20-foot-tall treehouse sits central to the 340-foot-long accessible steel walkway with three nodes, surrounded by a viewing and activity platform and a high-hanging hammock. Inside the treehouse, visitors can enjoy a circular audio-visual experience with a domed ceiling, used for various teaching and entertainment experiences.

The entire structure is ADA-accessible, allowing for those in a wheelchair to reach an area in the forest that wouldn’t be possible with conventional footpaths. In addition to its existing activities, collaborations with the Gwinnett County Public School System will offer exhibits displayed along the forest trail, providing multisensory environmental experiences for all ages with a focus on habitat, pollinators, animal adaptations, and more.

Gwinnett County used $4.5 million in SPLOST funds for the project.