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Questions About Water and Field Operations

Q. What should I do if I have discolored water?

A. Go to the water spigot at the front of the house, where you would attach a garden hose, and run water for 5-10 minutes. Next, run cold water inside the house until clear water flows from each faucet. While the water is discolored, avoid doing laundry and running hot water. Until the water clears, you may also want to turn off your icemaker. The discolored water is from sediment that is sometimes found in the bottom of pipes, which has been stirred up in the water. While it may be unsightly, the discolored water is safe to use.


Q. If I need repairs, how long will the water be off?

A. The repair time is impacted by the size of the water main and the surface conditions at the work site.  DWR Crews will work as efficiently as possible until the repair is completed. Unless complications arise, you can generally expect to have the water turned on in 8-12 hours. Please refer to the Water Outage page for locations of current water main work, and the expected time to restore water service. 


Q. What should I do if my pipes are making noise?

A. Usually, noise from pipes results from air in the lines. Go to the water spigot at the front of the house run the water for a few minutes. Next, go to the highest point in the house, usually an upstairs shower. Turn on the cold water in the shower for approximately 5 minutes. The air in the pipes should rise to the highest point and be released, alleviating the noise problem.


Q. If I have a leak on my side of the water meter, how do I turn off the meter?

A. Look for the meter box for your home, which should be located in the yard as you approach the street.  It is best to wear gloves or use a hand tool to carefully lift the lid.  Be careful not to drop the lid back into the meter box.  Inside the meter box, you should see a pipe along with the meter, but it may be covered with a little dirt. At the top of this pipe is the cut-off valve. It looks somewhat like a brass stove knob, with the handle in line with the pipe. Turn the knob one-quarter turn. (It will only turn in one direction, usually clockwise.) When the holes on the side of the knob are lined up, the water will be turned off.