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Join the FIA

Secret Agent H2O needs your help! The CLOG Mob (Creating Lots of Gunk) likes to lurk in kitchens and drains all across Gwinnett County.

By signing up with the FOG Informant Agency, or FIA, you can join Secret Agent H2O as tries to get the Fats Fiend, Oil Offender, and Grease Goblin to clean up their acts. Being a part of the FIA is easy:

1) Fill out a FOG ID to show membership in the FIA. (Click on link and print)

2) Remind your parents (and older brothers and sisters) not to pour any FOG down the drain when they are preparing food.

3) Ask your teacher about having Secret Agent H2O come to your classroom OR ask a Scout leader if he can visit your troop and share in his adventures of fighting the CLOG Mob.
Create a Can!
Help your parents clear up the FOG by making a grease can to hold grease and used oil. And since you may need their help in making the can, let them join in the fun. Here’s how to do it.

You’ll Need:

  • An empty coffee can or jar with a lid
  • Construction or drawing paper
  • Old newspapers
  • Crayons, markers or colored pencils
  • Decorative items such as stickers, buttons, ribbons, etc.
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Wrap your construction or drawing paper around the jar or can. Be sure to leave a little extra paper when you wrap it so you can glue to two ends together.
  2. Cut your paper to fit the jar or can, but do not glue it around the jar or can just yet.
  3. Use your crayons or markers to decorate the paper. Be sure to include phrases such as – “Used oil and grease only!” or “No more FOG!” or “Feed me, not the drain!” or “Clear up the FOG!” You can also draw the FOG characters on your paper or cut them out of the coloring sheets and glue them onto the paper. If you have them, you can add stickers or other decorative items.
  4. Once you are finished with the paper, wrap it back around the can and glue the overlapping edges.
  5. Then fill the can with pieces of old newspaper.
  6. You can either leave it on the counter or put it in the refrigerator.
  7. Tell your parents to put any grease or used cooking oil into the can and be sure to put the top back on every time grease or oil is added.
  8. When it is full you can pull out the old newspapers and throw them in the trash. Then start all over again with new ones so that you keep reusing your grease can.
Test Your FIA Skills
The Fats Fiend, Oil Offender, and Grease Goblin are just waiting to get down the drain so they can clog your sewer pipes. Where do they hide? Find out what foods to avoid pouring down the drain in these downloadable coloring sheets or p ut your FOG fact finding skills to the test with our downloadable puzzle(s).
Click on puzzles to download printable version
Kids Club
Visit the Environmental Kids Club and learn more ways that you can protect the environment and make a difference in your community.